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Behind the Masc is a game zine using historical and cultural archetypes to re-envision masculinity through the eyes of non-cisgender masculine creators. The creators include experienced game designers and illustrators as well as newer people to the game industry. The project hopes to draw attention to indie creators in tabletop games who are still marginalized people, but can fall into the ether when it comes to representation and people campaigning for their work to be seen.  

The included works are:

The Mabon Monastery, by Lawrence Gullo, a Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition background.
Chosen of the People Sorcerer, by Tracy Barnett, for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.
Ming Dynasty Transgender Man Illustration, by Raiden Otto.
The Minotaur, by Alex McConnaughey, a Monsterhearts skin.
The Demi, by Patrick Lickman, a Monsterhearts skin.
Echoes, by Brie Sheldon, an audio-text lonely (single player) game. (complete game)
Palisade, by Adrian Heise, a Twine game. (complete game using Twine)
Harlequin Illustration, by Lemmo Pew.
The Grifter, by Eli Eaton, an Apocalypse World playbook.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Echoes_DarkestPath.mp3 4 MB
Echoes_FallsPath.mp3 7 MB
Echoes_LongestPath.mp3 5 MB

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This is an amazing zine exploring masculinities through games. From brilliant concepts for D&D 5e, Monsterhearts and Apocalypse World to fantastic self-contained games, there's something here for everyone. Free community copies available for those who identify as queer or non-cisgender masculine. 5/5 stars - outstanding.


Thank you so much for these amazingly kind words! If you'd like to leave a rating on the ratings page, that would be well appreciated. This is just so nice to see!


Glad it made you smile :) I actually gave it a rating about a month ago :) unfortunately, itch.io doesn't really have a workable curation system at the moment - here's a quote from 2014 about ratings: "The rating data is currently only visible to yourself, but as more games are rated this data will be factored into building a system for helping uncover some of the standout games." Source: https://itch.io/updates/you-can-now-rate-games


Thanks so much!!!

Exactly my thoughts!